"Do it with joy”. I think it's not a crazy idea, it's a way to understand that if you do an action out of fear then we will have the results of fear. If you act only because we must do it, because we feel guilt and shame that we did so much damage to our planet, then you create guilt and shame. However, if you do actions with joy, you create joy, and this is a big difference."

His action

Hans is one of the co-founders of Grameen Creative Lab, Yunus Environment Hub, and Yunus Sports Hub. Since 2007 he is the creative advisor of Professor Yunus and is committed to the development of social business worldwide.

At the age of 20 he left Germany and embarked on a journey which took him from India to Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq. For several years he studied classical South Indian music. Hans believes that traveling has been his most important educational aspect, learning by meeting and socializing with different people.

In 1994 he founded the creative agency “CIRC” and now advises major companies in the development of innovative management cultures and in the adaptation of their corporate strategies to changing conditions. Since 2009 his social business event company and team have organized the Global Social Business Summit, attended by Professor Yunus, in cities around the world. The aim is to connect youth with social leaders and to learn from people actively solving problems through social business. 

There are 7 principals to social business and Hans is personally responsible for number 7 “Do it with Joy”.