"I think social business appeals to women because it's about taking care of oneself and taking care about the community. Social business and women are a very powerful combination and a very natural fit."

Her action

Our education system is very set towards a job-oriented future, people go to school, to university, prepare to get jobs. We feel that with the social business idea people will think about maybe becoming entrepreneur instead of going for a job on the one hand and setting up social business as opposed to a for profit business. These are not alternatives that are usually presented to the young people. We thought if the young people are exposed to these ideas early on it would become something they would choose from and have options. 

The Yunus Centre in Bangladesh was formed in response to growing local and international interest in Professor Yunus’ work. It’s an organization with a particular focus on social concerns and Lamiya Morshed has been the Executive Director since its inception in 2006. 

Lamiya works very closely with Professor Muhammad Yunus, representing him on many occasions. 

She is the driving force behind social business institutions around the world, with more than 100 YSBCs Yunus Social Business Centers* in universities in 40 plus countries worldwide.  

Lamiya has worked with Grameen Healthcare Trust and Grameen Trust, which supports and implements poverty-focused microcredit programs globally and serves as a director on the board of Yunus & Youth. 

*A Yunus Social Business Centre (YSBC) is an academic center located in a university to undertake research, action research and offer courses on social business.