"Alone it is very difficult to do everything you wish to do, but if you build a network, if you built a circle of motivated people around you, a lot can be done.I think if we create programs at universities, students will have an option to learn something about social business. This would help solve a lot of their questions about how economic development and business can come together into solutions to solve some of the worlds’ problems."

His action

Since 2012, Dr. Faiz Shah is the director of Yunus Center at the Asian Institute of Technology and serves as the President of the Yunus Thailand Foundation. Dr. Faiz Shah has led the design of the Yunus Masters, guided by Professor Yunus, and supported by colleagues within AIT and the Social Business Academia network of which he is the Program Lead and Director. Yunus Masters AIT brings together Thailand's top-ranked business program, Sustainability faculty ranked among the world's top 2%, and a curriculum designed for business creators. The goal of this Masters thanks to a learning community spanning 87 universities in 30 countries is to serve as a game changer.